I am not a reptile fan.  I live in the woods, I have had snakes, poisonous and non-poisonous in my basement.  They were all captured and released unharmed but I was not a part of the process!  Now I own Tattie the Tortoise and I am smitten but only with tortoises!  Tattie knows my voice, loves cucumbers, broccoli, sunshine and warm morning soaks.

I follow many social media groups about tortoises.  However, I am shy to post as some of the followers, while good meaning, can be a little rough on the novices.  I am also shy to believe everything I read.  After following some posts, I realized that Tattie’s “beak” is too long and needs to be trimmed. This is not a job for the novice tortoise owner, so I went about finding a veterinarian who does this type of care.

I live in the Philadelphia area, so there were several options, but I went with a vet who could teach me about my tortoise and give me feedback without judgement.  Our first appointment is February 27th.  I plan to post our visit on Neeps and Tattie Social media pages.  

We are also going to find out what sex Tattie is.  I cannot figure it our based on pictures so a BIG reveal will also happen! Is Tattie a boy or a girl?  Follow along and find out! 

Neeps and Tattie are now scheduling book signings, readings and school/daycare visits.  Please contact us if you are interested!  If desired, Neeps or Tattie come with us! 

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