NEEPS has a lighter colored shell than Tattie and is named after the Scottish word for turnip. Neeps is fun and adventurous and hopes to someday meet Nessie, the Loch Ness monster!


TATTIE’s shell is dark brown like a potato. Tattie loves hearing tales about ancient Scottish warriors, and especially the stories about Scotland’s history told by two-hundred-year-old “Uncle Jonathan,” one of the oldest living tortoises! 


ANGUS is a Scottish Terrier who loves to play pranks on Neeps and Tattie. Angus may have short legs, but he can run really fast and crawl into small spaces when playing hide and seek!


TESS is a retired sheep dog who likes to nap near Mr. McMcKay in Mrs. McKays garden. 


ANNIE McKay has lived on Loch Ness her entire life. She named Neeps and Tattie after her favorite Scottish meal of turnips and potatoes.  She loves to garden, bake cookies and play croquet with Mr. McKay.

Mr. McKay

MR. MCKAY met Annie at a high school dance many years ago. While he too likes to garden and play croquet, he especially enjoys reading a good book on his lawn chair in the garden (where he usually ends up falling asleep!)


According to Scottish folklore, Nessie is a monster that lives in Loch Ness. Angus, Tess and Annie have been looking for her for years and have not found her yet!. Hint: There are several pictures of Nessie in the book – how many can you find?

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