My secret – the winter solstice is my favorite day of the year.  Today, December 21st, is my favorite day. Living in the northeast, the day is dark by 4:30pm, and winter has begun. Some call it the longest night. Tomorrow we will gain two more seconds of daylight. 

It is the season of dormancy for many animals.  The season of slumber and rest. I am a new tortoise owner. “Tattie” is not hibernating this year, but he has slowed down.  Each day, he comes out when the basking lamp is turned on. As the winter sun moves towards 2pm, Tattie burrows under the hay for the night.  As I read and learn about tortoises, my understanding is that this period of dormancy is important for their growth and well being.

Is dormancy important to us too?  Is the season of darkness a time for us to retreat into our shells?  Are we prioritizing our health and rest in this season of darkness? Is this season of dormancy renewing our minds, relationships and spirits?   When we emerge in the spring, the frost will be gone – will we emerge refreshed and renewed by our winter dormancy?

Diane and I extend warm wishes to you in this holiday season.  Thank you for your support over the past months.  

Amy Johnson


The Story of Neeps and Tattie 

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