Amy by a telephone booth in Scotland.

Welcome to the world of Neeps and Tattie.  Neeps and Tattie were born in 2019 in the back seat of a rental car.  My husband and I traveled to Scotland with his foster brother, Ed and his wife, coauthor Diane. We packed ourselves into a small rental car and set off to see Scotland, we had no agenda, we chose where we were going based on intrigue and empty stomachs.  

My only request was to see Loch Ness on a clear day. The heavens cooperated and we arrived at Loch Ness on a glorious October day. We waited for the sight seeing boat on a dock on the shores of Loch Ness. Across the street from the dock was a cottage right out of a children’s book. There was a woman (AKA, Mrs. McKay) feverishly working in her garden getting it ready for the long winter ahead. Mr. McKay, walked in and out of the house with little direction and seemingly not cut out for the day that lay ahead of him.

I love to tend to my garden, so I quickly struck up a conversation with Mrs. McKay. We talked gardening and dogs. She had a sheep dog and a Scottie Dog (Angus and Tess)  following  her all over the yard. Diane and I noticed a wooden box in the middle of the yard.  After inquiring what that was for, Mrs. McKay said that was for her tortoises. We started to look for them over the fence line. She said they were not in the yard but hibernating in her refrigerator. She carried on with her gardening while my mind was spinning….Scotland, tortoise, refrigerator……..

As we drove, I continued to ponder these ideas, I turned to Diane and said. “This is a book.”. Thus the Story of Neeps and Tattie was born in the back seat of a rental car in the Highlands of Scotland. 



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