In the Northeast, Spring has sprung, new life is all around.  I can hear baby robins in the nest under my porch, I caught a quick glimpse of a garter snake sunning in my yard,  at night I can hear the spring peepers singing their mating songs.

The Eastern Box turtles are beginning to emerge from their winter hibernation, the warming earths slowly wakes them up.  Sadly, experts say 61% of turtles and tortoises are on their way to extinction.  Education is the key to helping to halt this decline, smuggling, destruction of habitat and illegal sales are all issues we need to bring to the forefront of education.

Neeps and Tattie is committed to preserving these wonderful creatures. In addition to talking about these issues at our book signings and readings, a percentage of our sales will be given to tortoise rescue groups around the world.  Our earth song is about preservation and protection.  

Happy Earth Day! 

Amy Johnson & Diane Madden

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