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Book Shower
The Story of Neeps and Tattie was specifically designed to be a gift book and a book to hand down through the generations.  It is a large book measuring 10” x 12“.  Our book also has a dust jacket.  Both…
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I am not a reptile fan.  I live in the woods, I have had snakes, poisonous and non-poisonous in my basement.  They were all captured and released unharmed but I was not a part of the process!  Now I own…
In a Clutch
I was in the Sunshine State for a book tour and a little holiday R&R.  On one of my beach walks I found a lot of sea turtle egg casings.  At first I thought I stumbled into the leftovers of…
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Winter Solstice
My secret – the winter solstice is my favorite day of the year.  Today, December 21st, is my favorite day. Living in the northeast, the day is dark by 4:30pm, and winter has begun. Some call it the longest night…
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Preparing for Winter
Migration is a theme in our book “The Story of Neeps and Tattie.”  Here in the North East, bird migration started at the end of August. With deep connections to the sun, atmospheric temperatures and temperatures of the ground, the…
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