The Story of Neeps and Tattie was specifically designed to be a gift book and a book to hand down through the generations.  It is a large book measuring 10” x 12“.  Our book also has a dust jacket.  Both Diane and I are old school -we wanted our book to totally embrace the child as the child sits on a lap and is read to.  We wanted children to have many things to look at while listening to the sing- song story of Mrs. McKay and her two tortoises.

This week, a dear friend asked to buy a book from me for a baby shower.  I was more than thrilled!  When she received the book, she was surprised at the size:“WOW! this is a really nice book, I thought it would be smaller.”  (This was evident by the size of the gift bag she had purchased for the shower!)

The baby shower my friend was going to was a “Book shower.”   Every guest was asked to bring both a book for the new baby, as well as a book to be donated to a homeless shelter for women and children.  This makes our hearts sing. 

If you would like a signed book for a baby shower or baby gift, please let us know, we are happy to be part of your celebrations!

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