Parents and Teachers

More ways to explore this book: 

  1. TALK about other animals that hibernate.
  2. LEARN more about tortoises; find a zoo, animal sanctuary, or animal rescue that has live tortoises.
  3. TALK about your favorite pages in the book. Why do you like these best?
  4. DRAW a picture of something that happened in the book. Why did you pick this event?
  5. FIND all the pictures of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster!  (show clip of Nessie)
  6. LOOK at the map at the back of the book and talk about where Scotland is located.
  7. Take 3 or 4 chairs and put a blanket over the top to make a bothy. Climb inside and read!
  8. When you finish reading this book, play hide & seek!
  9. Download the Reading Response below!

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