Neeps and Tattie will hatch officially on “World Turtle Day”. World Turtle Day was created as a yearly observance to help people celebrate and protect tortoises and turtles and their rapidly disappearing environments all over the world.  

As Diane and I began to research and write our book, social media posts of these wonderful creatures became the life blood of our research. We open Instagram every morning to see what Tilly G is doing today. What was wrong with the beak of Ike ? Did Demi come out of hibernation ok? We lurked on your sites and occasionally asked for help, for instance, what is a “safe weed”? We asked and you answered with care and authority. These stories spurred us to dig deeper into this world, we are astonished by the caretakers, rescuers, veterinarians and the stories of rescue, rehabilitation and adoption.    

We are committed to helping those who help the wise and wonderful tortoises of the world. Ten percent of the profits we receive from the sales of Neeps and Tattie will be donated to American Tortoise Rescue. To find more information on World Turtle Day and the amazing work of the American Tortoise rescue please check our their website 


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