First time authors, Diane Madden and Amy Johnson are two women who dreamed about writing a children’s book but never did it until their late 50’s.  Until that point, they were raising children, building careers, trying to find time to eat right, exercise, support their families and friends and the myriad of things women do in this world. But the dream remained. 

A trip to celebrate their husbands birthdays, gave them a chance encounter with ‘Mrs. McKay,” an elderly women who lives on the edge of Loch Ness, in Scotland.  This woman caught their attention while they were waiting for the Loch Ness tourist boat.  “Mrs.McKay” was fiercely working on her garden beds, getting them ready for the long Scottish Winter. At her feet were two dogs,  “Angus” and “Tess”.  “Mr. McKay” was there too, but his job that day was far less defined than “Mrs. McKay’s”.  Clearly on that day,  “Mrs. McKay” was the focal point of this setting.

March is a celebration of International Women, it is a global time to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.  It is a time to celebrate women’s achievements, educate and raise awareness of women’s equality.

Diane and Amy are proud to be acknowledged by the Kirkus Review with a “Starred Review” and proud to have been on the short list of the Maine’s Chickadee Award Book Selection for 2024.   These accomplishments were not done in isolation, Diane and Amy were supported by a long list of women, including illustrator, Abigail Swartz and the women of Maine Authors and Publishing.

“Behind every great woman….is another great woman.”- Kate Hodges 

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