Creating the Story of Neeps and Tattie with Amy, my writing partner, has been not only a lot of fun but a labor of love. From the beginning, we envisioned a story that grandparents (and of course parents!) would enjoy reading to their grandchildren over and over again. 

For almost ten years, I had the honor of directing a statewide health and literacy program in Maine called Raising Readers.  Funded by the Libra Foundation, the program provides an opportunity for Maine children to receive a beautiful hard cover book from their healthcare provider at well child visits from birth to age five. When the healthcare providers presents the book to the child, they also remind the parents/caregivers of the importance of reading to their child from an early age to stimulate brain development. 

I learned a lot during these years of working with children’s authors, illustrators and publishers about things to consider when writing a children’s book, like how much text is on a page? are the fonts easy to read? Is the literacy level appropriate? Can a parent use the illustrations to tell a story if they are not good readers or speak a different language?  There are so many things to keep in mind depending on the ages the book is targeted to.

The author reading to granddaughter, Leah, when she was first born.

I also learned that the State of Maine is blessed with many, many amazing children’s book authors and illustrators, many of whom I had the great fortune to meet and get to know during my time at Raising Readers.  They all truly inspired me to consider someday writing a children’s book. 

As a new grandmother, having the opportunity to finally have this book in hand and read it to each of my granddaughters, Leah and Sophie, not only brought everything I’ve learned full circle  – but truly was one of the best moments in my life.  I hope you enjoy The Story of Neeps and Tattie!

Happy Reading!


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