With the  current-state of the world, a small abandoned tortoise has shown me a way to navigate this life.  

There are dark sides and light sides. Choose the light. Sometimes the lighter side is man made and sometimes it is natural sunlight. Both are welcoming and life sustaining.

Greens are necessary but a ripe red strawberry is always a good idea.  Choose the salad and then enjoy the dessert.

A good soak in a warm tub is essential.  A warm soak is even better when a shell massage is included in the routine.

A clean cage is a wonderful thing, a new start and refreshing change. 

Calcium is good for tortoises and humans.  We both need calcium for strong bones and shells. 

We all need to pull back in to our shell every now and then when danger is perceived or we are unsure.  Pull back, reset and carry on!

We all need a kind voice and a gentle hand to guide us and make us feel safe. 

Exploration is great with solid boundaries and places to rest. 

When it is dark and cold, burrow under the hay and wait for the sun to come back out

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