I spend my holidays hiding in Boca Grande. It is quiet and a perfect place to walk the beach and reflect. My daily beach walks this year have not yielded as many shells as I would like, but I have found a large number of empty sea turtle egg shells. The shells look like broken ping pong balls and are leathery soft. They litter the beach, hiding in hoards of broken shells and seaweed.

These little ones are long gone – they have dug out of the warm nest in the sand and headed to their life in the ocean.  The good citizens of Boca Grande do all they can to protect these eggs while they are in the nest. There are protective barriers built around the nest, strict light codes for nesting season and volunteers checking on the nests.  All that is left now is the casings and we wonder: did they make it, where are they now, will they come back to nest here?

The younger female sea turtles follow the older female sea turtles to the beach to nest. They rely on intuition and other females for guidance. Diane and I have relied upon many women in this field to guide us and help us hatch – the women of Maine Authors and Publishers; our illustrator, Abigail Schwartz; our website designer, Sonya; and Melissa Jacobs, our publicist.   We also have the intuition sixty year old women have, the ability to find the path to begin our journey.  

We are now in our third printing of books, we are scheduling our book tour for 2024 and looking forward to seeing where the currents take us. Thank you for supporting us while we were in the nest and hatching. 

Happy New Year.

Diane and Amy 

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