To many Indigenous peoples the Tortoise and Turtle are the oldest symbol of Mother Earth. The Iroquois First Nation of North America believes they are descended from the turtle that got rid of its shell and that the earth rests on the back of the Great Turtle. Other First Nation American Tribes see the turtle as a symbol of persistence and endurance. Our First People remind us we need to honor our Mother Earth.

Carrying his house on his back, a tortoise can hide to protect himself and blend in with his native environment. Tortoises travel close to the earth, feeling the cold, warmth, sunshine, rain, they know what to do to protect themselves due to their closeness to Mother Earth.  

Many of the native habitats of these miraculous creatures are threatened due to global warming, deforestation and development. The yearly celebration of Mother Earth, “Earth Day” gives us time to reflect on how we, in our own small way can help not only the tortoises but Mother Earth as well.  

Diane and I are committed to helping organizations who protect, rescue and rehab tortoises all over the world. Ten percent of our sales will be given to non-profit tortoise rescues around the world.

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