When Diane and Amy set out to write the Story of Neeps and Tattie, neither one had experience in any part of the book world.  There were books in book stores and they bought them. How they got to the book store was a complete mystery and truthfully, not of interest. 

The Story of Neeps and Tattie was still a vision during the summer of 2022.  Amy and Diane were vacationing on Cape Cod and strolled into the Brewster Book Store.  The owner of the book store could not have been more helpful.  She explained her process for buying books, the type of books and authors she is looking for her clientele, the importance of a good website and a strong social media presence. 

Almost one year to the day, Amy and Diane returned to the Brewster Book Store with a newly printed copy of The story of Neeps and Tattie.  They felt like children bringing their artwork home to show their parent.  

This simple act of kindness from The Brewster Book Store owner put Diane and Amy on a trajectory that they did not anticipate.   When decisions had to be made about who would sell their books, the clear choice was to support small local independent book stores and whenever possible, women owned bookstores. 

There is so much to learn in this world, and what needs to be learned is ever changing.  The process starts with the idea, and the “How” question.  From there the ideas flow, the process begins, and the path becomes more clear.  There are those along that way that help you cross the bridge,  throw a life line or simply smile and offer encouragement for the journey.  All of these are acts of kindness. 

This simple act of kindness had long arms and is still reaching forward.   Who helped you get a start?  How far is your reach?

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