We are both available for 1/2 and full day author visits to schools and libraries and each of us has a Hermann tortoise that we can bring with us for “show and tell”. Amy’s tortoise is “Tattie” and Diane’s tortoise is “Neeps.” Our fee is flexible and we can work with you to make it work with your budget. Contact us for more information!

In a typical 1/2 day visit, we can generally fit in presentations to 3 different groups of children. Here is the agenda we follow:

1) Introduce the setting of the book by briefly talking about the country of Scotland, and some of the words and Scottish terms they will hear in the book (Migration, hibernation, clan, Loch Ness, bothy, glen, plaid). (I also speak briefly about the Loch Ness Monster as there are images of her hidden in the illustrations throughout the book). 

2) Read The Story of Neeps and Tattie

3) Answer questions about the book (especially the refrigerator scene!) Tell them how we came to write the book. 

4)Talk about the characteristics and differences between tortoises and turtles, as well as  tortoise ownership. 

5) Walk around the room with Neeps so children can see him up close  (we do not allow anyone to touch the tortoises as they do not like being picked up – plus they can easily get sicknesses passed to them).

6) Answer any additional questions.

7) Provide the teachers with sheets of Neeps & Tattie stickers that they can distribute later. 

There are also have a variety of activities available on our website www.neepsandtattie.com

  • coloring sheets
  • mazes
  • word finds
  • The Story of Neeps and Tattie reading response worksheet – suitable for students who are readers.