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The Story of Neeps and Tattie

Neeps and Tattie are two tortoises who live in Scotland and were rescued near the shore of Loch Ness by young Annie McKay when they were babies. Neeps and Tattie live and play in a little hut in Annie’s garden.  Readers will be surprised to learn how she takes care of them during the winter!

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Amy Johnson
& Diane Madden

Children’s Book Authors

AMY JOHNSON a former teacher, raised her four children in Valley Forge, PA. Her husband has lost track of the number of rescue dogs Amy has brought home over the years.

DIANE MADDEN lives in Maine and is the former director of a statewide children’s health and literacy program. A lifelong bookworm, she is most likely to be found reading with her granddaughters, Leah and Sophie.

Amy Johnson
Diane Madden

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Tortoise vs Turtle
Writing a story about tortoises was quite an education for Amy and me!  One of the first thing we learned while writing The Story of Neeps & Tattie is that land tortoises can live a long time! In fact, many…
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Earth Day
To many Indigenous peoples the Tortoise and Turtle are the oldest symbol of Mother Earth. The Iroquois First Nation of North America believes they are descended from the turtle that got rid of its shell and that the earth rests…
World Turtle Day
Neeps and Tattie will hatch officially on “World Turtle Day”. World Turtle Day was created as a yearly observance to help people celebrate and protect tortoises and turtles and their rapidly disappearing environments all over the world.   As Diane…
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